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Lakers Sneaker News: Lonzo Ball announces second signature shoe, ZO2.19, Kyle Kuzma becomes first athlete to sign with sneaker reselling platform

Lonzo Ball announced his much-anticipated second signature shoe on Wednesday morning, revealing the ZO2.19 with an ad parodying an early air Jordan commercial. Kyle Kuzma also made headlines by signing with GOAT and becoming the first athlete to endorse a sneaker resale company.

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Graphic via Grant Goldberg / Silver Screen and Roll

The two most famous members of the 2017 Los Angeles Lakers draft class both made headlines for their shoe choices on Wednesday morning, with Lonzo Ball giving us the first look at his second signature shoe, the ZO2.19, and Kyle Kuzma announcing a partnership with GOAT, making him the first athlete to endorse a sneaker resale platform.

SLAM got to reveal the latest shoe from Lonzo, which will retail for $200 — far below his original shoe’s $500 price point — and did so with an ad parodying Michael Jordan’s early Air Jordan commercials with Spike Lee/Mars Blackmon. Take a look:

This is the original ad:

Slam also had some details about Ball’s second shoe:

This year’s kicks feature a whole new combination of materials. Among them is a forefoot strap made of full grain nappa leather, which the brand says will provide “incredible support in the most aggressive cuts and directional changes,” a reinforced spacer mesh that aside from providing ventilation also aims to be “strong enough to never blow out,” and a midsole that features “40% more rebound than standard EVA foam.” A couple of the ZO2.19 editions also feature suede throughout different parts of the shoe, include on the toe tip.

Slam says that Big Baller Brand will start taking preorders on the shoe today, and also reports there are some Lakers-themed colorways on the way, including “a black, yellow and white sneaker which Zo actually teases in one of the videos shot as part of this reveal.”

Meanwhile, in addition to Kuzma’s partnership with GOAT making some history, it will also provide him with rare Nikes for him to wear during games.

“GOAT has inspired me to start collecting more seriously and build my style around sneakers,” Kuzma said in a press release. “People assume that, as an NBA athlete, you can get access to any kind of sneaker you want. When in reality, it’s hard to get the exclusive releases or shoes from the past, and feel confident they’re authentic. GOAT gives me a second chance at not only the limited releases I missed, but also the shoes I wasn’t able to afford growing up.”

With new signature shoes and historic endorsement deals for second-year players, Wednesday was just the latest example that it’s good to be a Laker, especially for sneakerheads like Ball and Kuzma.

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