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The best sports story of the day is Dave McMenamin helping this stray dog

Karma points for Dave.

Kawhi Leonard wants out of San Antonio. LeBron James is writing Instagram messages to his past self, congratulating himself on reaching 30,000 points. Damian Lillard is having pow wows with the Portland Trail Blazers’ front office. LaVar Ball is an assistant coach for his sons’ team in Lithuania for an exhibition game.

The vicious NBA news cycle is rapid enough to give everyone watching whiplash as each story passes by, but there’s one very good sports story that deserves attention.

Perhaps it’s because I’m an animal lover that this spoke to me, or perhaps it’s just a “slow day in the office,” but former Los Angeles Lakers beat writer Dave McMenamin deserves a special shoutout for what he did out in San Antonio as the Cleveland Cavaliers prepare to face the Spurs.

Apparently, a stray dog was “weaving in and out” of traffic near the AT&T Center, and instead of just carefully driving around the situation and hoping for the best, he picked up the pooch:

The duo drove around for a bit, and Dave did the right thing: he called his new friend a good boy:

They continued to ride through the streets of San Antonio together, and McMenamin even named him Buddy:

Eventually, though, all good things must come to an end. Dave was clear that he couldn’t keep an animal himself, traveling over 100 days out of the year, so he took Buddy to San Antonio Animal Care Services:

Good dog:

Walking and wagging dog:

The goodbye was tough, of course, but McMenamin had his day under the sun cruising around with Buddy:

The good news for “Buddy” is that he was chipped, so there’s a good chance he’ll return to his home once everything is lined up. If not, though — and if this happens to be a dog you own/know — here’s some information:

Most of us have been in a similar scenario as Dave, perhaps seeing a stray animal that has no business being where it is. That he took the time and responsibility to help how he could, as opposed to letting it ride, is pretty dope.

Good work, Dave. Respect.

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