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Lonzo Ball set to take over rap game with debut single

"If young Melo don’t trust you, I’ma shoot you.”

When you think of Lonzo Ball on the court, his fast-paced game and his generous play style are the first things to come to mind. Off the floor, his family is first. After combining the two thoughts and putting them in a rap song, you get Zo's new single, 'Melo Ball 1,', where Lonzo puts on for his little brother LaMelo.

snippet of the song was released earlier this week at LaMelo's birthday party, subjecting the world to Lonzo on the microphone once more. Presumed to be a gift from Lonzo to 'Melo, this is far cooler than anything my family has ever gotten me.

Lonzo takes to the booth much like he takes to the hardwood, with a blinding pace and repping Big Baller Brand. Before we take a look at the lyrics in this song, the label Lonzo is represented by is something of note.

Big Baller Music Group's hottest new artist, Zo, comes from Chino Hills, where he's honed his flow on the track just as much as his game on the court. 'Melo Ball 1' is all Triple B's from the start.

The song begins with a swish and an eagle screech. What?

After the chorus, Lonzo comes onto the track blazing (more so than Dame Dolla). Right away, Zo helps his little brother stunt, bringing up the fact that LaMelo has a million followers on Instagram. But then something suspect is said. "Got his brothers, he don't need no friends." Is Lonzo insinuating his little brother has no friends? Classic brother-to-brother prank.

Later in the verse, Lonzo calls out the haters with the line, "Throwing racks and you throwing fits. How you hating and you banging this?" Zo gets that the Ball family is polarizing and he's using that to his advantage. What's a rap song these days without putting your haters on blast?

Second verse comes around, and it's just as fire. Lonzo explains how the Melo Ball 1 shoe release was all a part of Big Baller Brand's vision. Then, taking after his dad, Zo touts that's he's not with the losing. Like father like son. The line, "We ready for war, we Triple B troopers," begs a serious question: If Lonzo and LaMelo are Triple B troopers, what does that make LaVar? Captain? General? We need answers.

After the chorus goes by for a final time, the song ends. Lonzo Ball has joined the likes of Kobe Brant, Shaq and Lou Williams as Lakers that enjoy rapping in their spare time.

Final stat line of name drops: Triple B's/Big Baller Brand- 11; MB/Melo- 7; Lamb(orghini)- 3

Of all the assists Lonzo has had, this one to LaMelo might be my favorite.

Rating: Three out of three B's

(I was not paid by Big Baller Brand to write this review)

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