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Lakers News: Pacers owner states no further legal action being taken against Lakers

The Pacers are ready to turn the page.

2017 Las Vegas Summer League Los Angeles Lakers v Dallas Mavericks Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The Indiana Pacers, much like the Los Angeles Lakers, are ready to put the Paul George tampering investigation behind them. Pacers owner Herb Simon released a brief statement Wednesday indicating there’s no intention, from the team or Simon, to pursue further legal action against the Lakers.

“Contrary to a published report, I would like to emphatically state that neither I nor the Indiana Pacers have ever considered any legal action toward the NBA or Los Angeles Lakers regarding the recent decision and penalty concerning tampering charges,” the statement reads.

This puts an end to a report from Peter Vescey that Simon was considering taking separate legal action against the Lakers for damages related to George ultimately being traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The NBA fined the Lakers $500,000 after finding what was deemed as an inappropriate expression of interest from general manager Rob Pelinka. The franchise immediately accepted the findings, and president of basketball operations Magic Johnson has since asked Jeanie Buss to take the fine directly out of his salary.

This appares to be the likely end to this story arc for the Lakers, with the investigation concluded, George on his new team and the Pacers making it clear no further action will be pressed.

The $500,000 Wink lives forever, though:

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