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Lakers Training Camp: Brandon Ingram can’t believe how strong Julius Randle is now

Run The Jules is about to be taken to the next level!

Los Angeles Lakers Media Day Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

As Los Angeles Lakers media day went through interview after interview, one of the recurring topics was the development of Julius Randle. Considering his dramatic physical transformation from the end of the season until now was one of the biggest stories of the offseason for Lakers fans scraping for news, it’s not surprising that reporters were all over story.

Randle gushed about the highly-tailored fitness and nutrition plan Amoila Cesar — the personal trainer he sought out on his own — being the key to taking his body and preparation to the next level. Julius hasn’t gotten a chance to put his conditioning to the test yet, but the results he’s already feeling are promising.

“Getting up and down, it's just my movement, everything feels a lot effortless. I kind of have a spring that I've been looking for the last couple years,” Randle said.

Brandon Ingram, who’s been the biggest gym rat in the Lakers’ new training facility, couldn’t believe the results once Randle was in rotation at the team gym with the rest of the squad.

“He got stronger and it's crazy, to get even stronger than he already was. He's coming here the same hours that I am. He refined his shot too, and he's shooting it from the three-point line really well right now,” Ingram said of Randle.

Shooting it from the three-point line? As we saw in this little exhibition the other day, that may be the case:

If a big man hits a three in a gym with his shooting coach and no one else, does it really count? The world may never know.

As far as what Randle worked on, as usual it was a little bit of everything. That’s been the case each summer, with Julius’ all-around game needing some all-around love to get him to the next level.

“I just worked every day. Stuff that I felt I needed to work on whether it's my right hand, shooting, all different type of stuff. It was no different for me, honestly. You take it up a notch,” Randle said on what basketball skills he worked on over the summer.

Julius also gave plenty of credit to his wife for supporting him through a process he admitted was very hard at first. Teamwork really does make the dream work.

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