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Watch: Julius Randle racking up corner threes is a sight to behold

Now can he do that in a game?

NBA: San Antonio Spurs at Los Angeles Lakers Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Lakers are days away from opening training camp, but the whole squad has been busy working their tails off this summer just to get to this moment.

We’ve been following Julius Randle’s offseason transformation all offseason here at Silver Screen and Roll, with the former No. 7 pick getting into fantastic shape over the past several months. Now that he’s done scavenging back alley ways for oversized tires and things of that nature to use as gym equipment, Randle’s enjoying the Lakers’ new training facility like the rest of his teammates.

With his conditioning cranked up to the next level, Randle’s apparently been working on his three-point shot. A video posted by NBA trainer and shooting coach Andrew Olson shows Randle might be distant relative of the Splash Brothers deep down inside.

Soak it in, folks:

Translating that from an empty gym to a competitive setting is an entirely different story, but we’ll take any type of optimism about Julius potentially being able to hit a corner three alone on the break.

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