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This story about Kobe Bryant’s daughter learning what ‘GOAT’ means is adorable

Story time with Kobe is the best story time.

Kobe Bryant’s 20-year career and five NBA championships with the Los Angeles Lakers puts him in the lofty GOAT conversation, even if no mortal man will ever surpass His Airness at the top of the mountain.

So, as Kobe and his family enjoyed a peaceful day soaking in the Southern California sun at Disneyland, it was only natural fans were showing their love for the hoops king of the West coast by shouting GOAT when they recognized basketball royalty was before them.

There’s no escaping the fate of being adored by fans everywhere Kobe goes, but it could be worse than being recognized as one of the greatest players of all-time when you’re out in public.

Enter Kobe’s 11-year-old daughter Gianna, who was uninitiated in the ways of the GOAT until that day at Disneyland. As she strolled through the park with her family, Gianna couldn’t help but feel offended that people were calling here father a goat. The audacity!

Kobe’s currently on a tour through China and shared this adorable story with Andrew McNicol of the South China Morning Post:

“It’s me, my wife [Vanessa], my eldest daughter Natalia and our middle child Gianna,” Kobe tells the Post. “And fans throughout the park keep walking by me saying ‘you’re the GOAT, you’re the GOAT!’

“Finally, Gianna turns to one of them and shouts ‘how rude’. I asked her what was wrong, and she says, ‘they keep calling you a goat, that is so rude!’

“Oh baby, I think they mean the Greatest Of All Time,” responded the retired American, before Gianna went on to thank the fan who commended her father’s golden 20 years as a Los Angeles Lakers legend.

10/10 story, would read again!

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