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Lakers News: LeBron James tweets Los Angeles is home and sources say that's where the heart is

Home is where the heart is they say.

Cleveland Cavaliers v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

LeBron James. The Los Angeles Lakers. For the next year the two are set to be linked together in every little way, through every little tweet and every little comment.

LeBron is on track to be a free agent next summer and the Lakers haven’t made it a secret that he’s their top priority in a star-studded 2018 free agency class. Should James end up testing the free agency waters and meeting with the Lakers, he won’t have to travel far if at all to meet with Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka.

James’ primary home is in the swanky Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles, where he had a 9,350-square-foot home built by “mansion specialist” Ken Ungar back in 2011, as reported by Variety. You can check out what that looks like right over here.

So, as NBA players do during the summer, LeBron was looking for a place to get in a little offseason basketball burn. Jamal Crawford extended an offer to hoop up in Seattle, and James quickly responded that he might make a day trip up the Pacific coast once he’s “back home in LA.”

Back... home... in... LA...

LeBron calling Los Angeles home? Obviously he’s already comfortable in Southern California and is a confirmed #FutureLaker. Why else would he use the word “home” which, according to reports, is where the heart is.

It certainly can’t be the simple fact that his massive mansion is in Los Angeles, and people generally to call their place of residency home. Never that.

LeBronzo is another tweet closer.

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