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Lakers News: Lonzo Ball could still sign major shoe brand deal ‘if the price is right’

The hype surrounding Lonzo wearing different shoes is all part of a master plan.

2017 Las Vegas Summer League - Brooklyn Nets v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Lonzo Ball’s shoe selection at Las Vegas Summer League has become a fascinating wrinkle in the Big Baller Brand ambassador’s first taste of playing for the Los Angeles Lakers. Ball opened summer league wearing his signature ZO2 shoes in his first two games, but has been quietly sending a message to major shoe brands since.

In his third game he wore a pair of Nike’s, deciding to wear a pair of Easter purple Kobe ADs. Game 4 was time to fear the beard in a pair of James Harden’s signature Adidas, he said jokingly while acknowledging he doesn’t have a beard himself. Game 5 he decided to wear a pair of Stephen Curry’s signature Under Armour sneakers.

It seems like a strange strategy for the starting-up Big Baller Brand, not showcasing their $495 shoe with all eyes on Lonzo. When asked about the decision to wear other brands following the Lakers’ win over the Brooklyn Nets, and if it was part of a “master plan,” Lonzo acknowledged it wasn’t just about style

“You could say that,” Ball said of it being a business move.

That matches up to what LaVar Ball told Darren Rovell of ESPN earlier in the day. LaVar responded to ESPN via text about the situation and revealed that Lonzo could still end up signing a contract with one of the major shoe brands.

"If the price is right. Quite frankly we are officially in the shoe game, and are a billion dollar brand either way,” LaVar told ESPN.

It’s an interesting move from the Ball family, but one that makes some sense. As Lonzo proves he’s more than hype, and buzz surrounds whatever shoes he wears, one of the major players could up the ante to land their very own big baller.

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