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Lakers Draft News: Lonzo Ball thinks he and D’Angelo Russell would complement each other on the court

Well, yeah.

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Much of the recent discussion since the Los Angeles Lakers kept their lottery pick has been about how Lonzo Ball would fit within their promising young core and specifically how we would look in the backcourt with D’Angelo Russell.

Because a portion of Twitter doesn’t seem to think any overlap whatsoever can be tolerated at risk of actual persecution of the front office responsible for such a fatal misstep, the analysis has shifted to where Russell must be shipped off to as soon as Lonzo’s ZO2 shoes land in a Lakers locker.

Ball was asked about his fit alongside Russell, and made a ton of sense.

“I think we could play pretty well,” Ball said. “I think if you saw the last twenty games he was actually doing very well. I feel he’s more of a two guard than a point guard and I think he can complement my game just on the fact that he can score and he can shoot. So all he has to do is run the floor and I can get the ball to him, and he can put it in the basket.”

Yes, there are going to be defensive questions to answer, but let’s not get too ridiculous in parsing things before the two can combine for a crosscourt pass. If they play to their potential, they could make for one of the most exciting backcourts in the league.

It’s for that reason the Lakers have to at least see what it looks like before making a move they could regret for years to come.

Here’s the full video, including some from Ball on his talks with Magic Johnson.

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