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Watch LaVar Ball birth future Laker Lonzo Ball from fire in hilarious Game of Zones finale

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Almost all of Los Angeles makes an appearance, including Magic himself.

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The Los Angeles Lakers haven’t made a ton of appearances of Bleacher Report’s amazing Game of Zones videos this year, mostly because the team wasn’t that great and there were other things for the show to parody.

That changed in a big way in the season finale however. While the majority of the episode focused on a “Game of Thrones”-style recap of the NBA playoffs so far, at the end the narrator was revealed to be none other than the fictional version of Lakers president of basketball operations Magic Johnson, reading young Lakers D’Angelo Russell, Jordan Clarkson, Brandon Ingram, Larry Nance, Jr. and Julius Randle a bedtime story.

After getting off a crack about Russell’s leaked video incident the series poked fun at last year, Johnson revealed the Lakers would have a new savior, one birthed by fire, as the cameras panned away to a nude LaVar Ball emerging from a house clutching his, err, balls.

Take it from there, Bleacher Report:

If you can’t watch the video at work, the highlights are here, featuring Magic and the young Lakers:

You thought I was kidding about the naked LaVar Ball thing? Nope:

How Lonzo Ball was actually born:

That feeling when you know the Lakers are going to draft your son:

The whole thing was amazing, and all Lakers fans need to watch it.

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