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Lakers News: Brandon Ingram is definitely-maybe working on expanding his gigantic wingspan

Just when you thought his arms couldn’t get any longer!

The young core of the Los Angeles Lakers is busy enjoying the offseason by hanging out at the practice facility and continuing to work on their #gains. Brandon Ingram is probably the most fascinating Laker to watch develop, with a billed weight of 190 lbs. to fill out his lanky 6’9 frame.

The Lakers’ new head trainer Gunnar Peterson is officially in the building now and spent some time working with Ingram Monday. LA has pre-draft workouts going on, but they’re also busy preparing for next season with the guys they already have on deck.

Here’s a quick video of Ingram doing the farmer’s walk, a fairly simple yet incredibly effective and functional exercise:

This exercise burns fat while building muscle and strength, but what if there’s more to it? What if — now hear me out — the Lakers are actually working to stretch Ingram’s wingspan even further? Suddenly the Lakers have this:

Defending the paint. All thanks to hiring someone with a new vision for their physical fitness.

Or maybe it’s just a workout to help build up his overall fitness. The evidence is here for you to decide.

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