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Watch: LaVar and Lonzo Ball were on WWE RAW and it was absolutely insane

Now this is sports entertainment.

Remember that joke about LaVar Ball being the perfect WWE heel manager for his son Lonzo Ball? Perhaps it was photoshopped into existence, but either way, the WWE decided to extend an invitation to the Los Angeles Lakers’ No. 2 pick considering Monday Night RAW was at STAPLES Center.

Big Baller Brand accepted the offer, obviously, and what was a silly thought became reality. Real quick.

Perhaps it’s only fitting that days after LaVar spoke to Zeus to get confirmation Lonzo was on his way to the Lakers, he was in the ring creating sports entertainment for the people of Southern California in attendance. The WWE jumped on a local hot topic while they were in town, and it was off to the races to make some television magic Monday night.

While the NBA’s first annual awards show was getting underway, Big Baller Brand was taking over RAW. Logos, shirts, and of course... LaVar.

His ring entrance was worth it alone:

Lonzo got his own introduction, playing up the Lakers franchise:

There was some good ole’ fashioned trash talk, leading to LaVar tossing his shirt and getting his Bruce Lee on. Lonzo and LaMelo losing their minds while their pops put on a show might be the best part about the whole insane ordeal:

And then Dean Ambrose interrupted the whole thing, apparently bought off by Big Baller Brand:

If that’s not an instant classic moment in wrestling history, I don’t know what is. Here’s a bonus for enjoying a good laugh here; some of that trash talk, including The Miz getting off a balls joke about the Balls:

I’ll take the blame for all of this. It was worth it:

A clip of the full segment has hit the Internet, so here it is in all of its glory:

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