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Watch: Magic Johnson and Shaq get roasted on Jimmy Kimmel’s NBA Mean Tweets

NBA Mean Tweets alert!

Jimmy Kimmel loves working with NBA guys on his show, and the NBA Mean Tweets segments are legitimate comedy gold. Within a sea of corny roasts there are brilliant gems.

It’s all in good fun, and on the Los Angeles Lakers front both Magic Johnson and Shaq were featured in the latest drop from Kimmel. Soak it all in with the video below:

No time to watch the video? Worry not, we’ve got the Cliffs Notes version here. It’s unfortunate some of the younger guys — I’d go with Larry Nance, Jr. — didn’t get a spot here, but we’ll take a Magic mean tweet:

Shaq was not amused:

We’ll even throw in a bonus round featuring Paul George and what his trade value is:

Excuse me while I ship a box of saltines to Indiana.

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