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Lonzo Ball’s shoes are basically $500 knockoff Kobes

Shooters shoot.

Nick DePaula, Twitter

In an attempt to ingratiate himself to the Los Angeles Lakers, Lonzo Ball will be following in Kobe Bryant’s footsteps, wearing his shoes.

The “Big Baller Brand” ZO2 shoe looks oddly familiar, with a price tag that would make Johnny Depp reconsider his spending habits.

As was expected, Twitter exploded with the kind of roasting that comes with just about any shoe release. It’s become a tradition unlike any other at this point.

As many have pointed out, the shoe doesn’t look all that bad. Thing is: It only isn’t that tough to look at because we’ve been looking at Kobes for more than a decade now.

One thing’s for sure, though, Ball certainly is doing all he can to match Kobe’s audacity. That $495 price tag is for the base version of the shoe, but the cost quickly jumps to $695 if your shoe size exceeds 14. And that’s just the base model!

The ZO2 WET costs $995 for sizes eight through 13.5. If you wear 14 and up, get ready to spend $1195. Oh, and all sales are final.

Let’s look at some of the responses to the shoe.

Oh, and just in case you think splurging on $500 shoes is crazy, you can always instead opt for a pair of $220 flip flops.

Now, we wait idly for the commercials, which will absolutely be can’t-miss entertainment.

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