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Lakers Podcast: It’s time to move on from Kobe Bryant

He’s gone, and he isn’t coming back.

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Jimmy Butler wanted so badly to move on from the past that he removed the rearview mirrors from his car. Now, that might be a little far (and probably illegal if not at the very least thoroughly unsafe), but the Los Angeles Lakers and those who follow them could learn something from the attempt.

The analysis surrounding the young Lakers always seems to harken back to the days of, well, a couple years ago, when Kobe Bryant was leading the Lakers to some of the worst seasons in franchise history greatness.

“Look at the roster,” they’ll say. “The Lakers don’t think they have their next Kobe Bryant.”

Well, no. And that’s perfectly fine.

So, with this as background, Harrison and I discuss how it’s time to let Kobe live his life post-basketball and let the kids pursue their dreams in the NBA without Kobe’s shadow looming over every missed jumper. You know, because he never did such a thing or absolutely didn’t do so at the greatest pace the NBA has ever seen.

At the top of the show, we also discuss Tim DiFrancesco’s resignation, and what might be behind that. It was purely speculative, but there are some interesting theories at work there.

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