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Lakers Draft Rumors: Lonzo Ball is basically just trolling the Celtics, might work out for other teams


UCLA v Kentucky Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

At no point since maybe Magic Johnson can Los Angeles Lakers fans be so confident that the player they same likeliest to draft will fit in with the fan base.

Earlier Thursday morning, it was reported that Lonzo Ball will pass on working out for the Boston Celtics.

Sure, this makes sense. Why work out for a team that seems so intent on drafting someone else (in this case, Markelle Fultz) regardless of any kind of intent to remain in Southern California with the Lakers of your childhood?

Seems innocent enough. No real troll job there, even if Lakers fans want to see one.

Then, the basketball gods smiled down upon us all and Lonzo Ball became a Lakers legend even before anyone found out what number he might wear.

Ball already made it so Danny Ainge himself would have to break the news to everyone that he wouldn’t be working out for his Celtics. This next report is glorious enough to bring a tear to the eye.

This, via Tania Ganguli of the L.A. Times:

Although it’s possible the Lakers will be Ball’s only workout, he has not yet ruled out working out for other teams, according to a source who asked for anonymity because they were not authorized to speak on the matter.


Please, Lonzo, work out for every single other team in the NBA. Hell, give baseball a shot. Football, too. The city has two teams now. Those are honestly the only ways this troll job could get much better.

Boston fans showed their displeasure on social media by wondering how the Lakers would react if the Celtics took Ball anyway. Man, that sure would suck. Fultz is only widely seen as the best player in the draft so it would really be unfortunate to wind up with that kind of talent on the roster.

Ball honestly deserves a trophy for this one, if not outside STAPLES Center, but inside the pettiness hall of fame. Let’s all hope he continues to up the ante as the draft draws nearer.

A few ideas, just in case he’s looking for some:

  • Mention in passing that the Celtics are probably better off without Isaiah Thomas.
  • Make a list of Danny Ainge’s recent draft picks his avi.
  • Point out that despite having a legitimate big three, the Celtics failed to win more than one title, and probably wouldn’t have won that if Andrew Bynum and/or Trevor Ariza were healthy.
  • If that doesn’t work, simply point to how few titles the Celtics have won since the 80s.
  • Lastly, kindly throw some dirt on Larry Bird by mentioning how such a “great” basketball mind left the Indiana Pacers in a terrible spot.