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Lakers Draft News: Luke Walton is a very big fan of Lonzo Ball’s game

Walton’s been very complimentary of Lonzo’s game.

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Is Lonzo Ball headed to the Los Angeles Lakers with the No. 2 pick in the 2017 NBA Draft? Who knows, but with the amount of coverage the story is getting from just about every direction, the entire world seems to be assisting LaVar Ball in speaking it into existence.

One of the most ridiculous amazing things about covering the Lakers is you never know when TMZ Sports might just catch someone from the team out and about. Walton was enjoying a sunny California day at a charity event in Manhattan Beach when their cameras caught up with him.

Luke was asked if the Lakers were planning on making Lonzo’s dream of wearing the purple and gold a reality. He responded exactly as you’d expect.

"I have no idea, that's a question for Magic. All I can tell you is that I'm a big fan of his game. I went and watched him play this year at Pauley [Pavillion]. The way he plays, he plays the right way, he’s unselfish, and whatever team he ends up on, he's going to make that team a lot better,” Luke said, dodging the question with ease.

As if TMZ was going to extract the secrets of the Lakers while cornering Luke in parking lot. At least catch him after a nice sushi experience at Nobu for more than the stock answer.

It is worth noting that Walton hasn’t been shy about how much he loves Lonzo’s game, though. He echoed a sentiment to TMZ that he went into at a much deeper level on the Dan Patrick Show just a few days prior.

“Obviously he's from LA, he went to UCLA and he's an unbelievable player. I absolutely love his game, the way he passes, the way he makes everybody on his team better, it's an unbelievable skill. It's a joy watching him play,” Luke said when asked why Lonzo to LA is the assumed outcome.

“I think right now on paper it's a great fit, but the reality is there is a lot of really really talented kids in this draft and our scouts are evaluating every one of them. They're putting together films edits for me, and I'm watching my part, and we're going to dive into what they're like,” Luke added.

Ball flying up the court flanked by D’Angelo Russell certainly is an interesting fit, but the Lakers still have a month to finalize their plans. Walton surely loves the game of any of the top prospects, which is why they’re top prospects to begin with.

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