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Lakers News: Trainer Tim DiFrancesco resigns after six seasons

The front office shakeup continues.

University of Massachusetts Lowell

After six seasons watching over the Los Angeles Lakers’ physical fitness, Tim DiFrancesco has decided to move on, according to ESPN’s Baxter Holmes.

Throughout the exit interview process, players echoed a very consistent sentiment: Up and down the roster, every single player is expected to get themselves in the best shape of their lives this offseason.

Taking that a step further, both Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka have spoken at length about the accountability that is to be expected with them at the helm.

It’s isn’t quite fair to take the next step and assume the new front office wasn’t thrilled with how fitness was handled under the last regime, but it also shouldn’t surprise anyone that they might prefer to hire their own staff.

This isn’t to say for sure DiFrancesco’s resignation was forced by any means, just noting that with upheaval as the front office has undergone, few are typically kept around much longer.

All this said, DiFrancesco has a good reputation throughout the league and Holmes further reported that some might not understand the need for change here, if this is indeed a situation in which DiFrancesco was asked to step down. Here’s how he put it:

It will definitely be interesting to watch the organization continue to take (and, pun intended, get into) shape under Magic’s leadership. Best of luck to Tim moving forward.

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