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NBA Draft: LaVar and Lonzo Ball’s live reaction to the Lakers keeping the No. 2 pick is perfect

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Of course they had cameras rolling while they watched the NBA Draft lottery.

NCAA Basketball: Washington State at UCLA Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

The Ball family was gathered around the television like the legions of Los Angeles Lakers fans were Tuesday afternoon, awaiting the fate of the team Lonzo and LaVar are hoping the star point guard out of UCLA lands in June.

As the Basketball Gods smiled upon the Lakers, the Ball family was perhaps as happy as any die-hard fan of the franchise. Their reaction to the Lakers landing the No. 2 pick - and arguably sealing Lonzo’s destiny of representing the only team he plans on working out for - is perfect:

There’s a lot going on here, so let’s try to unpack it. First and foremost, it must be acknowledged that it’s very cool that Lonzo is as happy as he is to see the Lakers jump up to No. 2. It’s endearing that a player is so openly pining to be a Laker, and imagine how amazing it must feel to know there’s a very good chance the team you grew up watching is in position to draft you.

Say what you will about LaVar and Lonzo, but that’s a pretty amazing story.

But let’s talk about LaVar. Let us first point out that he’s already got on a purple and gold Big Baller Brand hat. A quick sweep through the BBB store, and that hat simply isn’t for sale, so he had one created just for this event. Did it work? The Lakers did jump up to No. 2.

As for what LaVar had to say, it really wasn’t much of what we haven’t heard already. He once again mentioned that he’s speaking Lonzo becoming a Laker into existence and, at this point, you almost have to stop and wonder.

“I told him he was gonna’ go to the Lakers. I’mma speak it into existence. Boston’s going to take Markelle Fultz, he’s a good player. I think he fits best with Boston. You can’t bring him to LA, he ain’t ready for this. Only one person ready for this, it’s that Ball boy.

“I know I must be a genius to plan it this well. His number’s always been No. 2 and guess what he’s going? Number 2. I tell it like it is baby, here we come,” LaVar said.

Ultimately the Ball family was just as excited as fans were last night. They had and still have a lot at stake considering how much Big Baller Brand, Lonzo and LaVar can benefit from the Lakers selecting Lonzo in June.

Either the Basketball Gods are shining on the Lakers for not going into full tank mode, as head coach Luke Walton said, or LaVar really did speak this into existence. You decide!