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Lakers Draft News: Rob Pelinka doesn’t see a clear-cut number one prospect

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This is, literally, impossible to say.

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The Los Angeles Lakers miraculously didn’t just keep their pick, but moved into the second overall slot. If Rob Pelinka’s analysis of the draft is accurate, that isn’t a bad spot to be in at all.

He told Tania Ganguli of the L.A. Times after the lottery festivities had taken place about he and Magic Johnson’s day, which included a supportive call from Kobe Bryant, a Facetime from Jeanie Buss and plenty more.

The result of the draft order didn’t concern him in the slightest, it seems, and for a pretty simple reason.

“It’s not an Anthony Davis or LeBron James draft,” Pelinka told Ganguli. “There’s no clear-cut No. 1.”

He’s right.

Most like Markelle Fultz, but there are plenty of people who would be perfectly fine if SoCal native Lonzo Ball wound up with the Lakers. And all that is before we get to guys like De’Aaron Fox and Josh Jackson, whose stock will be worth watching throughout the lead-up to the draft.

However this plays out, watch for plenty of movement at the very top of mock drafts until teams finally make their selections on June 22.

For now, the Lakers are significantly better off than they would have been if the ping pong balls did not fall as they did. Pelinka acknowledges that, but also knows this is just the beginning.