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The moment Rob Pelinka found out the Lakers won the No. 2 pick is incredible

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Pelinka is one of us.

ESPN aired a 30-minute special for the NBA Draft lottery, but team executives behind the scenes knew the outcome of the ping pong pulling before the envelopes began opening on television.

Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka was in the secured room, watching NBA officials decide the fate of his team one drawn number at a time. The NBA shared video of what happened behind closed doors, including a wide shot of everyone in attendance.

Pelinka’s reaction once the Lakers secured the No. 2 pick is absolutely perfect. The prayers of the franchise were officially answered - again - Tuesday night.

Surely many a Lakers fan had an identical reaction once it was revealed they would keep their top-three protected pick. The ramifications of the pick were huge, and LA lucked out at the lottery once again.

A top draft prospect isn’t a bad way for a fresh front office to hit the ground running with this summer. The only question left? Who celebrated better, Pelinka or Magic: