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Brandon Ingram details what he wants to learn from Kobe Bryant

This was a great answer.

NBA: New Orleans Pelicans at Los Angeles Lakers Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Brandon Ingram is in the middle of his first-ever NBA offseason and can’t seem to avoid questions about what he could learn from Kobe Bryant. We try to be different, but sometimes that’s just the direction the conversation goes.

Questions regarding whether he has reached out to Kobe have often arisen, but the specifics about what he would hope to actually learn from the Mamba have escaped the conversation.

So, what better place to find out such specifics than our own Locked on Lakers podcast?

Ingram came on to remark on potential braces for fat, out of shape braces for podcast hosts, but eventually, the conversation turned around to Rob Pelinka and Magic Johnson’s interest in his meeting with Kobe Bryant.

His answer in terms of what he’d like to learn was incredibly interesting, and says a ton about what Ingram considers regarding his improvement on and off the basketball court for his Los Angeles Lakers.

“Just building up on information. Just seeing how I can go into my second year. Just trying to see the different things that he did in his second year in the position he was in, how he handled it. Just the way he looks at the game.

“I just want to see it from his point of view and see how much easier it is to score the basketball, and on the defensive end what I need to put forward just the different points.”

The concepts that Ingram talks about extend well beyond basketball. It’s great to hear him thinking about the game beyond what he’s experienced on the court, and Kobe would probably get excited hearing this from his potential student.

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