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NBA Draft News: Lakers work out T.J. Williams

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The senior point guard is their second workout to go public thus far.

Northeastern v Notre Dame

The Los Angeles Lakers are keeping busy as they wait for the NBA lottery, somehow already less than a week away. They’ve already worked out Tacko Fall and now the second publicly-mentioned practice has gone to Northeastern’s senior point guard, T.J. Williams.

Williams averaged more that 21 points and five assists per game, quite the jump from his prior years at the school, in which rarely managed half those averages.

He’s a bigger point guard standing at 6’3”, 205 lbs., which could theoretically allow him to defend either guard position.

Williams’ shooting numbers also improved his senior year, hitting on 38.5 percent of the threes he took. So long as he continues to improve his creating skills, he feels like a pretty good fit alongside D’Angelo Russell in the backcourt.

It’s yet unknown where Williams might get drafted, though Draft Express ranks him 32nd among seniors. As of now, the Lakers might have him on their radar with a potential late second-round feeler.