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Lakers Trade Rumors: Magic Johnson basically admitted he wants Paul George

He technically still isn’t leaking anything!

Jimmy Kimmel Live, ABC

When Magic Johnson was hired as team president of the Los Angeles Lakers, he was pretty adamant about not leaking personnel rumors of any kind.

Mission. Accomplished.

Rather than go through the trouble of finding an agent to leak something through a reporter who might not quite get the message correctly to an audience who might misread the situation, Magic is letting everyone get everything from the source — not sources.

At the trade deadline, Magic announced to the public that Lou Williams was on the trade block and garnering quite a bit of interest. That wasn’t far enough, based on his latest foray into keeping the public informed.

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Magic was asked about what it was like being hired, tanking, firing people, friends who’ve come out of the cracks looking for work and plenty more.

Nothing, however, stood out more than the tampering school he apparently went to. His words.

Kimmel asked about what it’d be like if Johnson bumped into, say, Paul George on vacation and, well, Magic might’ve gotten the gist of tampering school, but might have to re-study up for not-leaking school.

This, via Lakers Outsiders’ Grant Goldberg.

Just so we’re clear, this is how he is going to avoid tampering charges while making sure George absolutely gets the message.

For the full interview, watch below.

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