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Lakers Rumors: Jim and Johnny Buss want to sell their shares in the Lakers

This is interesting.

NBA: Los Angeles Lakers-Press Conference Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

When news broke last weekend that Jim Buss tried to wrestle back controlling power of the Los Angeles Lakers, a fairly obvious question begged asking: What was the end game? We got some reported clarity on that question via Ramona Shelburne’s latest piece on ESPN.

Per Janie Buss (not a typo), Shelburne reports Jim and Johnny would intend to sell their shares of the Lakers, earning themselves quite the payday and putting their siblings in the awkward position of becoming minority owners of the Lakers.

Now, it’s worth pointing out Jim and Johnny declined invitations to gave any statements in this article. This is the theory of a young sister who compared Johnny Buss to the kid at the park who takes the ball with him when things don’t go his way and Jim would apparently let the kids play with the ball, but make them pay for it, or something like that.

This isn’t to say Shelburne hasn’t done a fantastic job in reporting these stories. A reporter can only report both sides if both sides make themselves available to give their perspectives.

Something is just missing when earlier in the piece, we hear Jim turned down the opportunity to speak but then we find out what he might be interested in doing if he succeeds in his attempted coup.

This story isn’t going anywhere.

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