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Ivica Zubac and Larry Nance, Jr. is the bromance we never knew we needed

A glimmering tucked in a dumpster fire of a season.

NBA: San Antonio Spurs at Los Angeles Lakers Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

In a season in which the Los Angeles Lakers would be fortunate to reach 30 wins, bright spots can be tough to come by. Fortunately for everyone involved, we have the budding bromance that is Larry Nance, Jr. and Ivica Zubac.

Both players have become cult favorites among the Lakers fan base for their own individual reasons — Nance for his thunderous dunks, obviously, and Zubac for, well, being adorable.

Together, however, they’ve somehow raised their popularity. They already make a ton of sense together on the basketball court, with Nance’s insane levels of activity, intelligence on both sides of the ball and general knack for making the right play combined with Zubac’s size, touch around the basket and... Did I mention he’s adorable?

Their fit together has extended to off the basketball court, too. We obviously aren’t in the business of starting rumors, but we can neither confirm nor deny any report of them traveling as a two-man band across the country once the Lakers season ends.

(Important note: There are no such rumors. Yet.)

(Important note to the important note: There are no rumors of such a tour coming, either.)


After Tuesday night’s loss to the Charlotte Hornets, Nance and Zubac addressed the many nicknames the latter’s name works for. This video pretty much sums all that up.

We’ve already heard of ZuPac, Zudacris and others, but how did the rookie do with finding nicknames for his father figure?

Yeah, so Zubac needs to work on that a little.

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