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Magic Johnson is 'expected to play a part in the Lakers' decision-making process' at the trade deadline

This should be fun.

NBA: Charlotte Hornets at Los Angeles Lakers Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Well, the Buss siblings are at it again.

It feels like a new report on the decaying relationship between Jeanie and Jim Buss surfaces every other day now and with each new chapter, the relationship looks worse — the details get weirder.

This latest report includes a bit where Mitch Kupchak is too much of a Boy Scout for not pushing the tampering rules and how the Lakers winning a game they had to finish with four players is a bad thing. It was also odd how the report failed to mention that the Lakers did indeed win that game in Cleveland with their starting center lying on the bench.

There was plenty to take from Ramona Shelburne of ESPN’s article, which was, in fairness, very well reported. This is the first time anyone’s crosshairs have made their way to Kupchak, which might speak to how this might play out for everyone involved.

In the immediate future, however, it seems Jim and Mitch will have some company in their war room as the trade deadline approaches.

Magic is expected to play a part in the Lakers' decision-making process. But he's not the general manager. He's at the senior level, hired to advise, not to get down in the weeds plotting out maneuvers.

The expectation, according to sources close to the situation, is that he will stay at that level beyond this season. In the short term, he'll be a voice alongside Kupchak and Buss. But in the coming months, he's expected to help Jeanie Buss decide whether to revamp the basketball operations leadership team.

Around the league, there is widespread interest and speculation about what comes after that.

One can’t help but wonder what Magic would add to these conversations other than the fact that he’ll report back to Jeanie. As much success as he’s had on NBA basketball courts, he’s spent zero time at negotiating tables.

It will be interesting to find out what kinds of trades Magic might push for. Does he has the wherewithal to point out the value the Lakers could and should get for Lou Williams? Or might his input take the shape of his Twitter feed, where 37 players are up for MVP and should be trade targets? Probably not, but no one knows, quite frankly.

The next few months are going to be fascinating as this situation evolves, if for no other reason than finding out how weird details of these kinds of reports can possibly get.

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