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Lakers News: Magic Johnson wants to be President of Basketball Operations, a job already filled by Jim Buss


Los Angeles Lakers Introduce Mike Brown Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

So this is awkward.

In yet another twist and turn as Magic Johnson’s role begins to kind of, sort of, but not really take shape, he apparently is after Jim Buss’ job. There is, obviously, only one issue with that desire: It’s still Jim Buss’ job.

For those keeping score at home: Magic has first said he wants to give advice whenever he can to whoever requests it, whenever they do so. Then, days later, he told USA Today that he’d like to call the shots with the Lakers, a statement he since walked back ONLY YESTERDAY to ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne. Fast-forward to Tuesday morning during an appearance on “ESPN First Take” and, well, everyone’s head should be spinning by now.

For the most part, his statements both on First Take and SportsCenter were very measured, and, dare-it-be-said, logical for everyone involved in what looks to be a transition period from the current front office to one headed by the Magic Man.

Then this happened.

This puts Jim Buss in the awkward situation of having to meet with Magic Monday knowing that the person sitting across the table from him has definitively stated that he wants his job. Oh, and Mitch Kupchak, who will also be in on the meeting, will have to sit there wondering if the man slated to take his boss’ job will leap frog and/or fire him with no experience in an NBA front office.

Pretty cool look at Jim sitting in the meeting Monday.

Again, there’s no way of knowing what changes might be coming, and speculating even before the meeting Monday takes place is basically impossible. But that only shows how ridiculous it is that Magic has gone on this media tour without knowing what his role might be or even talking to those directly affected by his arrival.

Hiring Magic was Jeanie Buss’ first venture into the basketball side of things and, one can imagine she’s been behind this media tour so as to try to steer the court of public opinion back towards something close to positive regarding the team she owns. It’s a decent idea, but one that basically ignores the effect it might have on everyone already working on the basketball half of the Lakers.

The hope is that this isn’t some kind of preview of what might be to come, but this is kind of what happens when people who have no experience in something start calling the shots.

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