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Magic Johnson clarifies his desire to call the shots with Lakers

Does anyone know what’s going on?

NBA All-Star Game 2016 Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

When friends and family ask what Magic Johnson’s role with the Los Angeles Lakers might be, the only educated response is: “What time is it?” Every time he speaks publicly, he sends social media into a flurry. One would think folks would be used to this kind of thing by now, but this is what happens when PR moves are rushed into implementation.

The most recent example of Magic speaking publicly about something no one is particularly sure about was when he told USA Today that he wanted to call the shots with his Lakers after only days prior making it sound like he wanted to fit in wherever he can.

Before that, he gave everyone a good laugh by explaining how the Lakers are only a superstar short of contention right now.

Since, that statement, he’s walked it back by saying the Lakers are two to three years away. Then, as reality continued to set in, that timeline (yes, that word again) extended to three to five years.

And finally, Monday night, Magic clarified on another prior sentiment, this time walking back his desire to call shots — kind of.

Everyone keeping up alright? Good. here’s what Magic had to say to ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne.

"Last week someone asked me if I wanted to call the shots. I'd told them my role was as an adviser. Then he said, 'Do you want to call the shots?' And I said, 'I would love to call the shots.' But I know that I'm an adviser. Jim is the one calling the shots. I'm just an adviser. But I want to make sure that I have some type of input, and then he can decide how he wants to use that input," Johnson said.

"When I say calling the shots, it's more, 'Somebody has to be the final decision-maker.' I would love that to be me. Everybody has their input, and then somebody has to make the final call. Once we gather all the facts, I'd love to be the person making the final call."

Johnson has yet to meet with Luke Walton, or speak specifics with D’Angelo Russell. According to L.A. Daily News’ Mark Medina, a meeting between Johnson, Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak is on the docket for Monday.

How Johnson keeps getting put in front of the camera while so many things are in the air because those kinds of meetings haven’t taken place speaks to an almost-impressive lack of organization and communication.

So really, nothing new for the Lakers.

This quickly-evolving situation was covered on Tuesday’s “Locked on Lakers”.

Anthony Irwin is the host of “Locked on Lakers” and writes stuff on here, obviously. You can find him on Twitter, @AnthonyIrwinLA.

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