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Lakers News: Brandon Ingram says when he’s not sleeping, he’s playing basketball

This kid knows what it takes to be successful.

Orlando Magic v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

Anytime an athlete posts some kind of picture of them daring to do anything other than work on their craft, you can pretty much guarantee some doofus will reply to that post by demanding they get back into the gym. Well, that hypothetical doofus probably won’t have any such opportunity with Brandon Ingram.

(Quick side note: Don’t be that doofus. No one likes that doofus.)

Ingram has enjoyed the best stretch of his young NBA career, posting back-to-back career highs in points while shooting 67% from the field. He’s moving around the court with more confidence than he’s shown all season, and the success has led to statements like this, which he made after the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Orlando Magic.

When asked how much of his day is spent on basketball activities, Ingram told the media: “If I’m not asleep, it’s probably all basketball.”

Now, on its face, Ingram is simply responding honestly to the question asked. Dig a little deeper, though, and given the way he responded with so little hesitation, it seems the confidence he’s playing with on the court might be seeping into how he holds himself off it.

It’s altogether likely Ingram might hit another slump as this year goes along, but the difference when that happens is he’ll have this recent success to fall back on. Nonetheless, this is a cool statement coming from a kid who seems to have a great head on his extraordinarily thin shoulders.

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