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D’Angelo Russell is pumped to watch Marcelo Huertas play, and the Lakers’ season can’t get here soon enough

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The Catalyst excites us all.

Basketball - Olympics: Day 4 Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Lakers don’t have any players on Team USA, but they aren’t without representation on the international stage. Jose Calderon is playing for Spain, and Marcelo Huertas for Brazil, bringing a purple and gold flavor to the Olympic games.

The two Lakers point guards faced each other on Tuesday morning, with Brazil coming away with the nail-biting 66-65 win over the Spanish side. Calderon played just a little over a minute, but Huertas helped lead the way for the Brazilians, producing a team leading 11 points and seven assists in the narrow win.

Huertas was the oldest rookie in the NBA last season at 32-years old, but he was still a rookie, and the other rookie guard in his class to join the Lakers last season was pretty psyched up by his performance. May all of us one day find something that gets us as excited as D’Angelo Russell gets watching Marcelo Huertas:

“‘CELO, ‘CELO, ‘CELO!” indeed. All in a days work for the man known as “The Catalyst.”

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