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Lakers Podcast: Discussing Kobe Bryant’s Olympic legacy and ongoing impact on Team USA Basketball

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A nostalgic look back at Bryant’s time with Team USA.

Olympics Day 16 - Basketball

The Los Angeles Lakers may not have any of their current players on the Team USA Basketball roster, but the effects of their last player to suit up for the red, white, and blue are still being felt.

Hosts Anthony Irwin and Harrison Faigen decided to take a walk down memory lane in the latest episode of Locked on Lakers, discussing their enduring memories of Kobe Bryant’s time at the Olympics, the impact he had on the roster, and how much of the team’s recent success is due to his influence. Later in the show, they also debated whether or not they would have liked to see Bryant head down to Rio as his basketball finale, or if they think the way he ended things in a Lakers jersey was better.

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