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Lakers News: Kobe Bryant wins NBPA Player’s Award for ‘Global Impact’

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The Mamba gets another trophy to add to an overstuffed chest.

NBA: Utah Jazz at Los Angeles Lakers Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

LeBron James made basketball history when he brought the Cleveland Cavaliers back from a 3-1 deficit in the NBA Finals to win the franchise’s first title. Stephen Curry spent all season setting nets ablaze with the rest of his team as the Golden State Warriors set a new all-time best regular season record of 73-9. However, when NBA players voted on several honors for the NBPA Player’s Awards, they didn’t choose either as the one with the biggest “Global Impact.”

Instead, now-retired Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant won the Player’s Award for “Global Impact” as voted on by his fellow NBA players, and after watching his farewell tour all season, it’s easy to see why. Bryant filled road arena after road arena with purple and gold adorned Lakers fans during his final season, and countless players spent the year praising his impact on themselves and the game of basketball as a whole.

Bryant really could have won the award for his last game alone, dropping 60 points on the Utah Jazz in an unforgettable final performance that left Staples Center rocking and millions of households watching it instead of the Warrior’s attempt to set the best record of all-time.

The award also demonstrates how, despite his declining efficiency, Bryant still held the respect of his fellow players until the end. Perhaps the greatest measure of his global impact, then, will be just how different the league feels in his absence during the coming season.

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