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Enes Kanter gives Lakers fans the ‘Crying MJ’ treatment after Russell Westbrook extends in Oklahoma City


Russell Westbrook officially agreed to a three-year extension with the Oklahoma City Thunder on Wednesday night. Even though the reported $85 million extension includes player option in the third year that could allow Westbrook to return to free agency in the summer of 2018, the agreement allows the Thunder to somewhat salvage a disastrous summer that already saw Kevin Durant leave for the Golden State Warriors.

Positive news for Oklahoma City is understandably seen as less so for fans of the Los Angeles Lakers hoping that Westbrook (a Southern California native who played at UCLA) would come home and save his hometown franchise next summer.

As unlikely as that proposition was, the Lakers did structure Luol Deng and Timofey Mozgov’s contracts in order to allow themselves to make a play for Westbrook or another max free agent next offseason, so the talent pool becoming more shallow is still a blow for the team.

Adding insult to injury? Thunder center Enes Kanter hitting all Lakers fans with the “Crying MJ” after the news became (relatively) official:

That’s just mean, Enes. Although, he and Thunder fans probably know the feeling of losing out on a franchise player they hoped would come to their team, so Kanter is at least well qualified to diagnose it in another fanbase.

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