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Brandon Ingram, Luol Deng, and several more Lakers’ 2K ratings have leaked

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How did Los Angeles’ two new wings rate?

The NBA 2K ratings for D’Angelo Russell (79), Jordan Clarkson (77), Julius Randle (77), and Larry Nance, Jr. (75) had already been officially revealed, but the rankings for nearly the entire rest of the league leaked on Tuesday.

Unfortunately for Ivica Zubac, his name wasn’t among the leaked ones, but the ratings of several more members of the Lakers have been revealed. Keep in mind that this is from a pre-release build and thus the ratings could be subject to change by launch, but it appears that Russell’s 79 will be the highest score given to any Lakers player. Brandon Ingram and Luol Deng tied for second with 78 overall scores, underscoring the (good) problem Lakers head coach Luke Walton will have balancing minutes for the two.

Lou Williams’ 77 is equal to the ratings for Clarkson and Randle, while Timofey Mozgov’s 75 ties him with Nance, Jr. You can see all of the names revealed so far as well as their scores in various attributes right here:

Additionally, the character model for Brandon Ingram was revealed and it looks amazing:

For any true 2K junkies, here is a leaked video with footage of Ingram and several more rosters included (h/t @MyNBA2K15DC)

Overall, the Lakers’ ratings seem about right (even if Ingram being the second-best Laker right out of the gates would be a pleasant surprise), so there isn’t too much to argue with here. Zubac’s long wait continues, and stay tuned to Silver Screen and Roll for the latest on 2K.

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