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Lakers officially sign Zach Auguste, training camp roster up to 16 players

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The Lakers training camp is getting crowded. Welcome back, Zach.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Lakers continue wrapping up their offseason, tying up another lose end with the official signing of Zach Auguste. Details of the contract were not disclosed, but the team made the  announcement following up a report an agreement was in place last week.

This bumps the Lakers up to 16 players heading into training camp, making for what should be a competitive training camp. The front office has proven to be persistent on buttoning up the final roster slots, lining up an interesting group to observe. There's also the report from July that points to the team waiving Nick Young before camp, but that remains to be seen.

Auguste had his share of moments during summer league, though he played sparingly even for Las Vegas terms. He's definitely no guarantee to make the roster, especially with a frontcourt already bursting with young talent to develop, but it doesn't hurt to measure things out. The Lakers also have a soft spot for seasoned rookies, and August played 128 games at Notre Dame before moving on to the next level.

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