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Lakers Podcast: Why did Jason Terry reveal the Lakers rejected his free agency pitch?

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Trying to figure out why JET thought he could land in Los Angeles.

Houston Rockets v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Lakers (reportedly) have 16 players on a roster they’ll have to trim down to at most 15 before the start of the season, meaning the team is highly unlikely to make any further veteran additions in free agency. Jason Terry also agreed to terms with the Milawaukee Bucks earlier this month, which made it all the more bizarre when he went on the radio and talked about how Luke Walton and the Los Angeles Lakers shot down his request to join them in free agency this week.

Hosts Harrison Faigen and Anthony Irwin tried (and failed) to keep straight faces while talking about the most random news of August on the latest episode of Locked on Lakers. Later, the two broke down their thoughts on the #LakersRank series at this site, as well as which of the young Lakers would be most fun to play with in 2K, which led to possibly the hottest #HarrisonsHotTakes segment yet.

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