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Jason Terry tried to join the Lakers in free agency

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However, his fellow Arizona alumni was not interested.

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NBA: Houston Rockets at Los Angeles Lakers Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Lakers have a few veterans on their roster, but overall have an incredibly young team. 17-year veteran Jason Terry saw their roster, featuring prospects like D'Angelo Russell, Jordan Clarkson, and Brandon Ingram, and thought they might be able to use him to replace Kobe Bryant as an aging chucker as a veteran leader. His fellow Arizona alumni, Lakers head coach Luke Walton, disagreed (h/t Maximo Gonzalez of Lakers Nation for the transcription).

“I called my good friend Luke [Walton],” Terry told host Tom Byrne on Sirius XM. “I told him if he needed any help- veteran leadership, in that capacity, with an ability to coach at the end of my deal, then that was something I would be looking forward to. He utterly declined, and I respect him for that.”

Hold on. I think we need a basketball analogy for how poorly that call went from Terry’s perspective. Wait... I think we have something:

The way Terry phrases Walton’s rejection is brutal, but it wouldn’t have made any sense for the Lakers to sign Terry. The team already has a backcourt featuring the aforementioned Russell and Clarkson, as well as returning veterans Lou Williams and Marcelo Huertas. The team additionally took on Jose Calderon this offseason in a salary dump from the Chicago Bulls in order to gain two second round picks.

With those five players and a roster that already has 16 guys on it (if we include the almost surely-to-be-waived Nick Young and as-of-yet-unsigned Zach Auguste), giving Terry any guaranteed money just wouldn’t be a wise move, and it’s good to see Walton is taking the job seriously and not letting his friends use the roster as a retirement home.

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