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Lakers Video: Watch Brandon Ingram school guys in pick-up in a suit

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Takes “looking good on the court” to a whole new level.

Brandon Ingram and the rest of the young Los Angeles Lakers have been putting in countless hours in the gym to build chemistry and get ready for next season. However, it looks like that isn’t the only place Ingram has been practicing.

For a GQ Magazine shoot, the lanky Lakers rookie put on a sharp suit and dribbled around Venice Beach (which was probably only like the sixth-weirdest thing going on in that area that day). Ingram wasn’t done there. Still clad in a full suit, the second-overall pick decided to jump into a pick-up game and— the likely at least partially stage nature of the game aside— was still able to dominate the proceedings.

Watch the video below as Ingram breaks out a few crosses, drives and finishes at the rim, and even a step-back jumper while looking like he’s dressed to sit on the bench (h/t Austin Green of Lakers Outsiders):

Now for a few highlights. Here is the face you make when you can’t believe this kid is going to try and play you while wearing a suit:

Here is the face you make when you can’t believe this short, shirtless guy thinks he’s going to stop you just because you’re wearing a suit:

You’ll never guess who won this match-up:

And here’s my favorite sequence of the day: the spin move followed by the step-back:

I’m still not entirely sure why this video exists, but it’s pretty awesome nonetheless, and will have to whet fans appetites for Lakers basketball as we inch towards training camp.

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