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Lakers News: Larry Nance, Jr. reveals his NBA 2K rating

It’s almost time to put some virtual players on virtual posters.

The young Los Angeles Lakers may be spending a ton of time together in the gym, but there are only so many hours a player can spend working out (sorry, people responding to all athlete tweets with how “they should be in the gym.”). These players have to find ways to fill up the rest of their day, and it seems like more than a few of them will do so by playing NBA 2K17.

D’Angelo Russell kicked things off by saying he just wanted to be able to makes shots with his character this season, a wish that was seemingly granted when 2K gave him a rating of 79 overall.

Larry Nance, Jr.’s own goals were probably considerably lower. After a fiasco with NBA Live last season that saw him and Kristaps Porzingis revealed as secret identical twins being portrayed by the same character model, Nance, Jr. probably just wanted a character that looked like him. It looks like the team at NBA 2K answered his wish as well, and rated him a 75 to boot.

And again, not only does this virtual Nance, Jr. look more like him than he does, but it looks WAY more like him than whatever this was supposed to be:

NBA 2K 17 releases on September 16th, and NBA Live hopefully never comes out again.

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