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Lakers News: D’Angelo Russell reveals his NBA 2K rating

Los Angeles’ young guard might be able to make some shots as himself in the game this year.

On Monday, D’Angelo Russell took to Twitter to say he just wanted to be able to make a shot as himself in the latest edition of NBA 2K. He may have gotten his wish, as the Lakers guard revealed that he will be rated a 79 this season.

Russell and Lakers fans were probably hoping for a higher rating after he set Las Vegas Summer League on fire, tantalizing with his scoring, but 79 is pretty good for a second-year guard whose debut season was fairly mixed. And while the ranking doesn’t quite measure up to Karl-Anthony Towns’ 88, it does compare favorably with this year’s first overall pick, Ben Simmons (79).

However, it does seem a little strange that it’s only two points ahead of Joel Embiid (77), who despite his incredible potential has yet to appear in an NBA game, which wouldn’t be a big deal if this wasn’t his third season.

Arguing over a 2K rating would be peak offseason content, but anyone looking for that will have to go elsewhere. If Russell wants to, as the great Hassan Whiteside once said, “get his 2K rating up,” he’ll have to prove it should be higher on the court. Until then, at least we know the game got his trademark “hotline bling”-style celebration right:

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