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Lakers: Larry Nance, Jr. gave Kobe Bryant a hilarious birthday shout out

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Larry leaves us laughing.

Kobe Bryant’s birthday was on Tuesday, and retirement has seemed to be treating the Los Angeles Lakers legend pretty well so far. He had the day after his birthday offically declared “Kobe Bryant Day” in Los Angeles and opened up a brand new venture capital firm, and that’s just this week! The only sign things haven’t been going perfectly was the un-retirement of Bryant’s death stare, but we’ll just chalk that up to old people getting cranky sometimes.

Bryant’s birthday led to plenty birthday wishes from former Lakers like Byron Scott and Shaquille O’Neal, and even fake Magic Johnson. Several current members of the Lakers also wished Bryant a “Happy Birthday,” and by far the funniest of those wishes came from sophomore power forward Larry Nance, Jr., who posted a picture of the GOAT on his Instagram to celebrate. Or, actually, just a picture of A goat, but I think people will still get the message:

Happy birthday Kobe!

A photo posted by Larry Nance Jr (@larrydn7) on

D’Angelo Russell also wi—, wait, he just tweeted Reggie Miller should be on 2K? As in, the same 2K Kobe is on the “Legendary” cover of this year? Oh, D’Angelo.... This is worse than the Tracy McGrady tweet*.

Anyway, happy birthday Reggie Miller Kobe!

*The tweet likely had nothing to do with Kobe’s birthday or the cover, as Reggie Miller is not in 2K, but the timing is hilarious. You can follow this author on Twitter at @hmfaigen.