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Lakers Podcast: Andre Ingram talks about his time with the D-Fenders, life in the D-League

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The top three-point shooter in NBA D-League history joins the show.

The Los Angeles Lakers recently hired several former Los Angeles D-Fenders staffers to join the parent team. Hosts Harrison Faigen and Anthony Irwin wanted to talk about the additions, and were fortunate enough to be joined by D-Fenders guard Andre Ingram on the latest episode of Locked on Lakers.

The three discussed the atmosphere with the D-Fenders under Casey Owens last season, Ingram’s most memorable Luke Walton story, how much benefit he sees from the D-Fenders’ side of the team’s one-to-one affiliation with the Lakers, and how the D-League has changed during Ingram’s eight years in the league.

Later, Ingram discussed his preparation process (which you can read more about here), what it’s like raising a family while continuing to pursue his NBA dream, and much more.

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