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Lakers Video: Kobe Bryant’s death stare comes out of retirement

Don’t record the Mamba without his permission.

Kobe Bryant may be retired, but his legendary death stare is not. The former Los Angeles Lakers star was just trying to have a nice meal at Ruby’s Diner with his family when D’Angelo Russell a few fans tried to secretly record him. Kobe was (shockingly) not pleased, and the guys who took this video may have spontaneously combusted right there:

That death stare was so intense, I’m pretty sure Mike Brown just winced and felt a sudden urge to head towards the nearest Chik Fil A.

Cheer up, Kobe. With your birthday on Tuesday and Wednesday officially named as “Kobe Bryant Day” in the city of Los Angeles, there is plenty to be cheery about. After that, you can put this glare to good use during negotiations for your fancy new venture capital fund. No executive will try and fleece you if you drop that thing.

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