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Lakers News: D’Angelo Russell just wants to be able to make shots with himself in NBA 2K

Don’t be sad, D’Angelo. NBA 2K comes out in less than a month.

The latest trailer for NBA 2K17 dropped on Monday, and it gave fans of the Los Angeles Lakers plenty of reasons to get excited. From a fired up young Kobe Bryant to a brief glimpse of Brandon Ingram, there was plenty to like. Most importantly, the game has finally pumped up his stats enough for fans to be able to drop rim rocking jams with Jose Calderon:

(Editor’s Note: That is most likely not intended to be a representation of Jose Calderon)

D’Angelo Russell doing the “ice in my veins” celebration and dancing were also prominently featured in the preview, and while those little touches are what make 2K the go-to basketball game of choice for most fans, they aren’t of as much concern to Russell. Dancing is nice, but like anyone playing 2K, Russell just wants to be able to make shots with his player:

We don’t have word on what Russell’s 2K stats are going to be just yet, but with a year of experience under his belt, it’s a safe bet the game’s designers have given him at least a small boost in most categories. Rest easy, D’Angelo: you’ll probably be able to drop 39 in 2K like you do in real life against the Brooklyn Nets very soon.

NBA 2K17 comes out on September 16th, and you can check out the latest trailer below:

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