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Lakers: D'Angelo Russell attends Rams' preseason game.

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It's all L.A. love.

The Los Angeles Rams are the new kids on the block in the L.A. sports scene during their return to the city this season. They have long-time supporters left over from their first stint in the area, but they'll need some help to win over the local fanbase.

As the new kid on the Los Angeles Lakers last season trying to win over the same town's fans, D'Angelo Russell can relate. He showed up at the Ram's preseason game on Saturday night, and what better way for the new team in town to grab the fandom in Los Angeles than by having arguably the Lakers' biggest star show up in support?

Between this and attending Dodgers' games in recent months, it's clear Russell is quickly turning into an honorary Southern California native (especially the wearing sunglasses and a hat during the evening part).

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