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D’Angelo Russell is boxing with Roy Hibbert as part of his offseason training

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Cue the “Rocky” training montage...

Last season, Byron Scott had just one question for his team at halftime of their eventual loss to the Boston Celtics: “How many of you guys have been in a real fist fight?”

Well, if D’Angelo Russell hadn’t been able answer “yes” before, it looks like he can now (h/t Grant Goldberg of Lakers Outsiders):

For all the criticism Roy Hibbert took last year, he was a positive veteran mentor who nearly every young player in the locker room raved about. It’s cool to see him signing with the Charlotte Hornets hasn’t cut off those relationships that helped a young team get through a difficult year.

Who knows if Russell will keep up with this training, or how long it’s been going on, but it’s one more thing he’s done this summer to stick with his goal of bulking up and dominating smaller guards this year.

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