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Lakers 2016-2017 season schedule released: Opening night, key games and more

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The road map to the '16-17 Lakers season has been unveiled!

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA woke up from its summer slumber for just a brief moment with the release of the 2016-2017 season schedule. The Los Angeles Lakers will open their season on Oct. 26 against a visiting Houston Rockets team. The Lakers opened their '14-15 campaign against the Rockets in a game memorable not only for Kobe Bryant infamously calling Dwight Howard soft following a cheeky altercation between the two, but because of the devastating injury that stole Julius Randle's rooke season away from him.

The final game of the season will be up in the bay against the Golden State Warriors on Apr. 12. Christmas Day will once again be a hallway rivalry game between the Lakers (designated home team) and Clippers.

The Lakers will manage through 16 back-to-backs, including the one-and-only second-game-of-a-back-to-back in Denver on Mar. 13. As tradition goes every year once the schedule is released, feel free to mark that meeting with an "L" on your calendar ahead of time.

The annual Grammy road trip will amount to a five-game road trip for the Lakers that takes up the first two weeks of February. The purple and gold will spend most of their time on the East coast while Staples Center turns into the epicenter of music, visiting Washington (Feb. 2), Boston (Feb. 3), New York (Feb. 6), Detroit (Feb. 8) and Milwaukee (Feb. 10). The Lakers return home to host the Sacramento Kings on Feb. 14 before heading back out on the road to drop in on the Phoenix Suns on Feb. 15 and hitting the All-Star break.

The Oklahoma City Thunder host the Lakers on Feb. 24 once basketball gets back underway following the trade deadline dust settling down. The fresh-faced and young-kneed Lakers squad will be featured on national television 15 times, though the NBA has flexed games off of the big lineup in the past.

The Lakers digital team provided a handy-dandy printable PDF of the schedule which you can check out right over here, and here's a nice embeddable version for a quick glance: