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Lakers News: Check out this awesome video of Jordan Clarkson dunking and draining threes

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More promising footage of the just as promising guard.

Jordan Clarkson appears to have missed the “off” part of the word “offseason.” Both before and after the Los Angeles Lakers guard re-signed with the only NBA home he’s ever known on a four-year deal worth a reported $50 million in free agency, Clarkson has seemingly been in the gym just about every day. Or, at least when he isn’t playing Pokemon Go, that is.

From multiple instances where he’s shared the work he’s putting in to improve his three-point shot over the summer, to skipping out on watching the NBA Finals to spend more time in the gym, and even doing laps to celebrate the hire of his new head coach, Clarkson has been nothing if not active this offseason. Clarkson even admitted the only reason he was unhappy he didn’t sign his new contract sooner was because it kept him out of an extra opportunity to practice with his new teammates.

Clarkson gave fans their latest glimpse at his offseason training regimen with this video, showcasing his efforts at diversifying his game and making himself more efficient:

Drills are different from live game action, of course, but it’s hard not to love the areas Clarkson is focusing on. If he can shoot threes and drive to the basket, he’s basically the ideal shooting guard in today’s NBA. At the very least, it looks like his floor is being cast as a superb sixth man, and the Lakers should be happy with either from the 46th overall pick in the 2014 NBA Draft.

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